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From the expertise and know how of Adalberto Estampados, who operate one of the largest Portuguese textile companies for almost than half a century, born GAMANATURA HOME.

GAMANATURA HOME was created with a strong motivation towards providing the utmost comfort and well-being at home.

We at GAMANATURA HOME focuses our energy on a new approach, the harmonious combination between tradition and modernity, mixing knowledge of textile and an appealing proposal as our signature style, no detail was overlooked.


For our creative team, each GAMANATURA HOME collection is passion designed with the purpose of holding the look and impressing by the beauty, the result is the perfect combination of elegance, innovation and quality. A collection without rival.

Natura comes from latin, meaning “nature already created” and we hope to deliver exceptional products for the customer and leave the planet better for it.From the sourcing of the raw materials, to the selection of suppliers, nothing was left to chance.

We are passionate not only about what we do, but who we are, that´s why we care about our company’s environmental footprint and hold Oeko-Tex® Class 1 certification which ensures the safety of textile products in all of our collections.

GAMANATURA HOME more than a brand is a way of being in life is produced exclusively and proudly in Portugal.


Because we care

We are committed to strong values as rigorousness, sophistication and versatility, as well to responsible practices.

Fashion start at home

We at GAMANATURA HOME do believe that our customers are the best in the world that’s why we hardly work to provide them with affordable luxury products.

Our Quality


GAMANATURA HOME recognizes customer satisfaction is of primary importance to its success that´s why quality is our obsession

We proudly hold Oeko-Tex Class 1 for all the products and Quality Certification ISO 9001 (SGS), and our proactivity is based on our commitment to achieve the highest standards in everything we do, monitoring and promoting the continuous improving of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

We strive to improve and meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Textures and patterns are incredibly useful across virtually every type of decoration projects, that´s why our creative team has particular attention to listen the market, analyse trends, and respect traditions.

The visual element of pattern of the artwork produced for each GAMANATURA HOME collection communicates a sense of balance, harmony, contrast, rhythm and movement.

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